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Salice 005 RWB

Salice 005 RWB

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  • UV 400nm
    • Buy from a UK dealer to endorse your 2 year Salice Warranty
  • UV 400nm
    • This lens blocks the harmful UV radiation below 400nm wave length
  • Mirror Coated Lens
    • Multilayer rainbow lens. Outer lens coatings reduce glare from water, snow and ice. Also with enhanced scratch resistance.
  • Hydro repellent lens
    • Hydro repellent lens. Super smooth lens surface allows water and dust to slide off
  • Front Vents
    • Integrated front venting system reduces misting
  • Anti-Glare Lens
    • Inner lens anti-glare treatment
  • Kit Optik
    • Kit Optik Available
  • Interchangeable Lenses
    • Supplied with interchangeable low light lenses

Salice 005 RWB


Distinctive high impact sunglass

Received 4 Star verdict from Bike Radar,

With additional purchase 'Kit-Optik' optical insert can be glazed to create optical sunglass (To +/- 7)

Interchangeable twin-lens with front tilt provide unparalleled vision

Grilamid TR90 robust frame with Megol® rubber adjustable nose piece

B - Two tone frame

RW - Multi layer triple vented mirror coated lens cuts glare, increases contrast and promotes air flow

Scratch resistant IDRO lens, will repel water and dust to optimize vison

Supplied with spare clear vented polycarbonate lens, thermoformed protective case and cleaning cloth

Size: Ideal for those with a wide nose bridge

Lens changing instructions

RRP: £69.95

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White-Blue/RW Blue

(Lens Category 3)

White-Yellow/RW Blue

(Lens Category 3)

White-Orange/RW Red

(Lens Category 3)

White-Fuchsia/RW Blue

(Lens Category 3)

White-Black/RW Black

(Lens Category 3)

Turquoise-Yellow/RW Red

(Lens Category 3)

Black-Green/RW Green

(Lens Category 3)

Black-Yellow/RW Black

(Lens Category 3)

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