Cycling As A Better Way To Commute

Although many countries have eased lockdown restrictions, physical distancing remains in place for the unforeseeable future. Employees are returning to work and we have started to see traffic gridlocks again. Many workers have turned to cycling as a means of commuting to work. Other than avoiding the crowd and keeping yourself safe from possible COVID-19 transmission, there are many other reasons why it’s better to cycle when commuting. With a bicycle and Salice sunglasses & helmets, you will have everything you need.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why cycling is a better way to commute to work:

Boost Fitness And Overall Health- according to studies, people who cycle everyday have lower risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. People who commute 10k each day by bike will notice real differences in their fitness and overall health. When cycling at a steady pace – it’s like having toning, muscle strengthening, and cardio exercises, while going to work.

Lower Stress At Work- according to studies, people experience a “natural high” after performing physical activity for 20 minutes at medium intensity. If you want to have a great start and happier mind, getting on the bike is the right choice.

Leave Your Stress At Work- commuting from work helps you to unwind and reconnect with the outdoors. If it has been a difficult at work, cycling for 20 minutes or more is a way to unplug and wipe away your frustration. Make cycling a way to relax and clear your head.

Reduced Carbon Footprint- except for your increased rate of respiration, biking doesn’t cause the release of carbon dioxide. It is negligible compared to driving to work or using public transport.

Save Money- with the gradual recovery of the economy, petrol prices are rising and fortunately, your bike doesn’t require fossil fuel to operate. Public transportation costs will add up, because you may occasionally need to call a taxi when in a hurry.

Save Time- unless you are commuting from the suburbs to a city centre, you can save a lot of time by cycling to work. It is easier to find shortcuts and you may bike through parks. If you are living in a suburb, you may go to work one hour early and consider it as part of your daily exercise.        

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